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COMBAT Brand Fire Extinguishers

CO2 Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher (2kg)

CO2 Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher (2kg)

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Model: C-2CSEC

Introducing our reliable and efficient 2 kg CO2 fire extinguisher, the perfect tool for combatting class B fires. With its heavy-duty hose and high-pressure hardware, you can trust it to get the job done. It's also suitable for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000V, giving you added peace of mind.

The extinguisher has a discharge time of 9.8 seconds and a range of 2 meters, making it a practical choice for a variety of settings. Our extinguisher is manufactured in accordance with EN 3-7 and approved by LPCB (UK) and SETSCO (SG), ensuring its quality and effectiveness. Made in Singapore, this extinguisher is finished in a striking red color and is built to last.

Ordering Matrix :

 Com No. Fire Rating For Class Of Fire Standard Approval
20800613 34B B BS EN 3-7:2004+A1:2007 LPCB
20800600 34B B SS EN 3-7:2012 SETSCO
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CO2 Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher (2kg)


  • Heavy Duty Hose
  • Effective Suppression of Class B Fires
  • Suitable to Use on Live Electrical Equipment Up to 1000V
    (Only Applicable To LPCB Approval Model)
  • High Pressure Hardware


  • Capacity : 2 kg
  • Extinguishing Medium : CO2
  • Propellant Type : CO2
  • Discharge Time : 9.8 sec
  • Discharge Range : 2 m
  • Working Pressure : 60 bar
  • Working Temperature : -20Deg C to +60 Deg C
  • Hose Length : 440 mm
  • Size : Dia. 114 x 500(H) mm
  • Finishing : Red Color RAL 3000
  • Gross Weight : Approximate 7.5 kg


Manufactured In Accordance With EN 3-7




Made in Singapore