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Combat Water Mist Extinguisher

One extinguisher to fight home fires.

  • Patented

    MightyMist™ extinguisher using patented atomization technology

  • Safe

    Contains 100% water. Chemical-free and safe to spray on humans and pets.

  • All-in-One

    One extinguisher for all fires in your home, including cooking oil and fat fires. Safe to use on electronics.

  • Water Mist

    Distinctive blue nozzle sprays a superfine mist to extinguish fire effectively.

Free training.

Learn how to use the Combat Water Mist Fire Extinguisher to put out a real fire in a free training session.

We’ll refill your extinguisher for you after (yes, free too)!

Better still, make it a fun family affair!

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Fuss free.

3 year warranty.
Free Servicing and Refills.

If there are defects or problems with your extinguisher during the warranty period of 3 years (under normal use and maintenance), bring it down to the COMBAT HQ and we will repair your extinguisher at no extra charge.

Feel free to use the Water Mist Fire Extinguisher to put out fires, or even water your plants because you can bring it back to us for free top-ups/refills!

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  • Disposal of old fire extinguisher

    Contact us for guidance on how to transport and dispse of old fire extinguishers safely.

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  • Extinguishers, Hydrant and Raiser Testings

    Combat (Lingjack) provides SS575 standard specialized testing on Water Flow and Pressure using calibrated and certified Digital Flow meter and pressure gauge.

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