For all fire types.

Different classes of fires require different extinguishing agents.

We’ve got your bases all covered with the MightyMist™ fire extinguisher, so you don’t have to worry about which extinguisher to use/buy.

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Time is key.

Fires double in size in minutes!

It is important to react quickly and suppress a fire at its early stage. Save precious time by having a portable fire extinguisher ready to fight off a small fire.

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Free training.

Learn how to use the MightyMist™ fire extinguisher to put out a real fire in a free training session.

We’ll refill your extinguisher for you after (yes, free too)!

Better still, make it a fun family affair!

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Fuss free.

3 year warranty.
Free Servicing and Refills.

If there are defects or problems with your extinguisher during the warranty period of 3 years (under normal use and maintenance), bring it down to the COMBAT HQ and we will repair your extinguisher at no extra charge.

Feel free to use the MightyMist™ fire extinguisher to put out fires, or even water your plants because you can bring it back to us for free top-ups/refills!

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MightyMist™ Extinguisher

One extinguisher to fight home fires.

  • Patented

    MightyMist™ extinguisher using patented atomization technology

  • Safe

    Contains 100% water. Chemical-free and safe to spray on humans and pets.

  • All-in-One

    One extinguisher for all fires in your home, including cooking oil and fat fires. Safe to use on electronics.

  • Water Mist

    Distinctive blue nozzle sprays a superfine mist to extinguish fire effectively.