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COMBAT Brand Fire Extinguishers

Fluorine Free - Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher (6L)

Fluorine Free - Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher (6L)

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Embrace the Future of Fire Safety for the New World

Introducing the next generation of fire extinguishers, designed to cater to the modern, technology-driven lifestyle. LINGJACK Engineering Works takes a giant leap forward with its Fluorine Free Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher, a solution that addresses the evolving safety needs of our daily lives. This 5-in-1 fire extinguisher is not just any fire safety device; it's a comprehensive safeguard for your home and workplace, offering unmatched protection against the most common and challenging fires, including those caused by lithium-ion batteries.

Why Our Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher Stands Out

  • Next Generation Safety: It's the best extinguisher for homes and work environments, capable of extinguishing five types of fires in seconds. With rigorous testing and approvals, it is the ONLY extinguisher in its class proven to effectively put out up to 600Wh of lithium-ion battery fires.
  • Unparalleled Versatility and Eco-Friendliness: Beyond lithium-ion battery fires, this extinguisher effectively combats Class A, B, F fires, and is safe for use around electrical equipment. Its 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly fluid ensures safety without compromising environmental responsibility.
  • The Imperative to Protect Against Lithium-Ion Battery Fires: In our era, almost all rechargeable portable devices—from smartphones to laptops, power tools, and electric bicycles—rely on lithium-ion batteries. As our reliance on these technologies grows, so does the risk of fire incidents related to these batteries. Ignoring this potential hazard is no longer an option.
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Fluorine Free - Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Extinguisher (6L)


Suppress and control fire of
• E-scooters
• E-bikes
• Laptops
• Smart Phones
• Tablets
• Etc…

Non Hazardous
100% Biodegradable

  • Eco-Friendly Fluid capable to extinguish almost all type of Fire.
  • Class A,B,C,F ,Lithium-ion battery and Dielectric tested

Green Label
Fluorine Free

  • Do NOT contain Heavy metals – Mercury(Hg), Lead(Pb), Cadmium(CD), Copper(Cu), Zine(Zn).
  • Zero contamination to the environment

Stop Thermal Runaway

  • Remove the heat and prevent thermal Runaway.
  • Cool the fire and prevent re-ignition

Very Efficient Fluid

  • 6L capacity can extinguish a 600 Wh Lithium-ion battery fire test


  • Model: C-6LISE
  • Capacity: 6kg
  • Extinguishing Medium: FER T1
  • Propellant Gas: Nitrogen
  • Fire Rating: 13A/34B/75F
  • Working Pressure: 7 bar
  • Working Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Hose Length: 440mm


  • EN3
  • SS EN3
  • NTA 8133:2021


*34A Fire Rating tested by BSI.
Test Report No.30130514

Lithium-Ion Battery Extinguisher has been put
under rigorous testing and approvals and has
passed many important fire safety markers
• EN3 and SS EN3 Tested on Class A, Class B, Class F and DI Electric
• NTA 8133:2021 Standard for Lithium-Ion
Battery Fire – 600Wh
• Fluid contains UL Recognized Component
• Safe for use on LIVE electrical equipment up
to 1000V from a minimum distance of 1
• Fluid tested positive to plant life.
(Examination by Crop Intellect)