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COMBAT Brand Fire Extinguishers

ABC Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher (3kg)

ABC Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher (3kg)

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Looking for a compact yet effective fire extinguisher? Look no further than our 3kg ABC Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher. This extinguisher is perfect for small spaces and can easily handle class A, B, and C fires.

With a durable plastic discharge nozzle and outdoor UV resistance polyester powder coating, this extinguisher is built to last. It also features a quick discharge time of 11.7 seconds and a range of 3 meters. Plus, it's approved by LPCB and SETSCO, so you can trust that it will perform when you need it most. Made in Singapore.


Ordering Matrix :

 Com No. Fire Rating For Class Of Fire Standard Approval
20801220 13A, 55B A, B, C BS EN 3-7:2004+A1:2007 LPCB
20801200 13A, 55B A, B SS EN 3-7:2012 SETSCO
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ABC Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher (3kg)


  • Outdoor UV Resistance Polyester Powder Coated
  • Durable Plastic Discharge Nozzle
  • Effective Suppression of Class A, B Fires
  • Effective Suppression of Class C Fires
    (Only Applicable To LPCB Approval Model)
  • Suitable to Use on Live Electrical Equipment Up to 1000V
    (Only Applicable To LPCB Approval Model)


  • Capacity : 3 kg
  • Extinguishing Medium : 40% ABC Dry Chemical Powder
  • Propellant Type : Nitrogen
  • Discharge Time : 11.7 sec
  • Discharge Range : 3 m
  • Working Pressure : 14 bar
  • Working Temperature : -20 Deg C to +60 Deg C
  • Size : Dia. 115 x 470(H) mm
  • Finishing : Red Color RAL 3000
  • Gross Weight : Approximate 5.0 kg


Manufactured In Accordance With EN 3-7




Made in Singapore