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1" x 30m Manual Swing Hose Reel Complete Set

1" x 30m Manual Swing Hose Reel Complete Set

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Our 1" x 30M manual swing hose reel, model HR-1SW, is a reliable solution for fire protection. It features an inlet size of 1" BSPT (M) and a high-quality red semi-rigid fire hose that is approved to EN694:2001. The design pressure is 12 bar and it has a working temperature range of 5°C to 55°C.

With a hydrostatic test pressure of 18 bar at 5 minutes, this hose reel is built to last. Its nozzle is a 1" nickel-plated chrome brass jet nozzle with a flow rate of 46 lpm at 6 bar and a K-factor of 18.78. The reel is made of electro-galvanized plate with an outdoor UV resistance polyester powder coating and has a finishing of RAL 3001.

Our 1" x 30M manual swing hose reel is easy to maneuver and comes with an easily mountable universal swing armset. It meets EN 671-1:2012 standards and is approved by SETSCO (SG). Invest in this high-quality solution for your fire protection needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is safe and secure.

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1" x 30m Manual Swing Hose Reel Complete Set


  • Outdoor UV Resistance Polyester Powder Coated Hose Reel
  • High Quality Red Semi-Rigid Fire Hose Approved to EN694 : 2001
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Easily Mountable Universal Swing Armset


  • Inlet : 1” BSPT (M)
  • Hose Size : 1” x 30m
  • Design Pressure : 12 bar
  • Working Temperature : 5 Deg C to 55 Deg C
  • Hydrostatic Test Pressure : 18 bar at 5 mins
  • Nozzle : 1” Nickel Plated Chrome Brass Jet Nozzle
  • Flow Rate (Jet Nozzle) : 46 lpm at 6 bar
  • K-Factor : 18.78
  • Material : Electro Galvanized Plate
  • Overall Size : Dia. 525 x 330 (±5) (Depth)
  • Finishing : RAL 3001
  • Gross Weight : 18.5 kg


Manufactured in accordance with EN 671-1 : 2012




Made in Singapore