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COMBAT Brand Fire Extinguishers

Halotron I Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher (4kg)

Halotron I Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher (4kg)

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Model: C-4HSE

Introducing our 4 kg Halotron I fire extinguisher. This compact and powerful extinguisher is perfect for use in clean environments and is a great replacement for Halon 1211. Its heavy-duty hose and outdoor UV-resistant polyester powder coating make it a durable choice for your fire safety needs.

With effective suppression of Class A & B fires and a discharge range of 5 meters, you can have peace of mind knowing you're protected. Manufactured in accordance with EN 3-7 and approved by SETSCO (SG), this extinguisher is made in Singapore with quality in mind.


Ordering Matrix :

 Com No. Fire Rating Standard Approval
20800204 8A, 55B SS EN 3-7:2012 SETSCO
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Halotron I Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher (4kg)


  • Outdoor UV Resistance Polyester Powder Coated
  • Heavy Duty Hose
  • Effective Suppression of Class A & B Fires
  • Use in Clean Environment
  • Replacement of Halon 1211


  • Capacity : 4 kg
  • Extinguishing Medium : Halotron I
  • Propellant Type : Argon
  • Discharge Time : 9.3 sec
  • Discharge Range : 5 m
  • Working Pressure : 9 bar
  • Working Temperature : -20Deg C to +60 Deg C
  • Hose Length : 440 mm
  • Size : Dia. 139 x 440(H) mm
  • Finishing : Red Color RAL 3000
  • Gross Weight : Approximate 6.7 kg


Manufactured In Accordance With EN 3-7




Made in Singapore